About Us

Like all young boys, I developed a passion for fire and flames at an early age, helped along by our family’s love of camping and the great outdoors. By the time I was a teenager, I was learning to experiment with my own cooking as I was permanently hungry! During the growth spurt years, one meal was never enough!

At 18, I was handed a wonderful opportunity to live in South Africa for 6 months, playing local cricket in Johannesburg. Braaing (Barbequing) was a way of life out there and I learned from the masters. I went on to spend many happy years in South Africa, learning more and more along the way.

I have since travelled the world for my cricket career and have been fortunate enough to sample a most diverse range of cuisine and experience many different food cultures. I realised that I loved nothing more than experimenting with food and how it was prepared and cooked.

I retired from cricket in 2013 and was left with a gaping void in my life which I desperately needed to fill. I still have an immense passion for cricket but simply couldn’t find my niche within the game when it came to planning my future.

And so Hoggy’s Grill was born!

I was incredibly lucky to be offered the most beautiful site on the banks of Rutland Water where my Cookery School and Grill Shop will be based. We have grills to suit every taste, preference, fuel source and budget and I will offer a personalised service to ensure you and your Barbeque are a perfect

partnership. My Cookery Courses will demonstrate how to achieve the best results from your grill and the Cookery School will host regular events with exciting brands and personalities for you to enjoy.

I am very excited about the future of Hoggy’s Grill and I cannot wait to welcome you along on this adventure! I look forward to seeing you all and bringing Al Fresco cooking to life in the UK.

- Matthew Hoggard